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Imagine, if you could act as a catalist to others and make the seemingly impossible happen? How would your colleauges’ and clients’ days look like?

Learn coaching the “Dubai way” from UD-CED-MMS Institute!

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Jan 28, 2019

ICF and KHDA accredited training course using the MMS methodology

Part A: January  28-31, 2019.

Part B: March 4-7, 2018.

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Tailor made coach training and “leader-as-a-coach” programs

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Spring 2019

ICF and KHDA accredited training course using the MMS methodology

Part A:  Spring, 2019.

Part B:  Late Spring, 2019 

The ICF and KHDA accredited Coach Training Course is delivered to you live in Dubai, using the proprietary MMS coaching method, developed by Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, PhD, MCC, “

Who should attend and why?

The coaches of tomorrow

You may be a person, who heard an inner message to become a coach to facilitate and support growth and development of others and help them find their own answers to solve their challenges. If so, make a choice and apply for the next coach training course. It is not only the ICF accreditation, which sets us ICF coaches apart from the other coaches. but more importantly the MMS coach training methodology, whici we use in coaching. That makes a significant difference!

The crafters of coaching corporate culture

The coaching culture is the corporate culture of tomorrow. Embracing empowerment, the self-ignited choice and the resulting high level of commitment, utilizing creativity while fostering tolerance and respect, those corporates are expected to be extremely valuable, in which the happiness of the employees result in the happiness of clients. Build your company this way! Manage change differenently!  Hear the root cause for resistance! Support your people in overcoming it!

100% of our MMS Coach Training  graduates pass  the ICF CKA Exam!

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February 2018

MMS Coach Training is the Original Coach Training!

The first MMS Coach Training was designed and presented by MMS Institute, in the USA in 1974. MMS is a highly accredited program-receiving accreditation by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), and NOBCO in The Netherlands. The International Coach Federation accreditation authorized MMS to certify trainees not only as MMS certified coaches, but also as ICF Associate Certified Coaches (ACC) and Professional Certified Coaches (PCC), if the coach wishes to pursue this additional certification.


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Course description

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What differentiates MMS?

Differentiation of Choice and Decision


Focus and integration of feelings

Energy awareness

Creating and maintaining flow

The integration of the chakra

The role of “messages”

Use of mirrors

Leading by example

The “Wow” factor

The “Brilliant” session


More differences...

Creating positive imprints

Personal development impact on coaching

Relationship between process & sessions

Inclusion of Sub-personalities

The Impact of “Negaholism” on coaching

How the brain works

Attracting and manifesting

Use of our published books

Using circumstances as growth opportunities

ICF, EMCC and NOBCO Certified

Living the process

The MMS Institute syllabus designer: Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, PhD, MCC

“The Mother of coaching”

Coaching since 1974

The “Mother of Coaching” designed The MMS Worldwide Institute‘s Coach Training in 1974, a true pioneer in the field. Since then, she and her highly trained faculty have been delivering this extraordinary training in the US, the Netherlands, Thailand, Vietnam, Hungary and Singapore under the leadership of Lynn U. Stewart, MCC, the Managing Director of The Netherlands and Global Training Director Michael A. Pomije, PCC, director for the US and Asia.

The holistic approach of the MMS Coach Training takes into consideration the entire person, and addresses both personal development and professional skills, techniques and the core competencies of the International Coach Federation. Graduates leave our MMS Coach Training with self-confidence and courage to immediately start coaching and supporting their clients in making their goals become reality.

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