Trainers with 108  years of collective coaching experience:

2 MCCs, 1 PPC, 1 ACC


Live coach training courses in Dubai


The “Mother of Coaching”

Dr Chérie- Carter-Scott, PhD. MCC, “The Mother of Coaching”

Dr. Cherie started coaching in 1974, when actually nobody was coaching. She is a subject matter expert in motivation, self-esteem, customer relations, change management, negaholics (overcoming negativity) and leadership learning. She has been coaching change for over 40 years individually or in teams and in Mergers and Acquisitions. She is the #1 New York Times best selling author if “If Life is a Game, These are the Rules” published in 40 countries with over 4 million copies sold, “Transformational Life Coaching” (a handbook for coaches) “Negaholics: Stop being Negative and Reclaim your Happiness and 14 additional titles. She has been a frequent guest on “Oprah” and has appeared on numerous international media tours that include “The Today Show” CNN”. and dozens of TV, radio and print interviews. She is the executive producer of the coachimg documentary “The LEAP” and is a licensed single-engine Pilot, a scuba driver, mother and  wife.

Lynn U. Stewart,  MCC

Lynn, heading the Amsterdam-based MMS team, is coaching since 1975 after Dr. Cherie introduced her into the magic world of coaching. She is a corporate executive coach, a group facilitator and a workshop leader. Her corporate specialty is Employee Owned Change, a program designed for organisations, who want to initiate functional, affordable and humanistic transformation that guarantees buy-in at all levels of the organization. Lynn Stewart previously worked in public relations, interior design and in elementary education. Ms. Stewart is an Executive producer of the coaching movie “LEAP”, a full-lengh documentary on the power of coaching. She co-authored the book, titled “Transformational Life Coaching” with Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, PhD, MCC.  In her spare time Lynn enjoys painting, ballroom dancing, fine dining, cultural events and learning Dutch language.

Michael Pomije, PCC

Michael, dubbed as “Coach Michael” is and executive and life coach who co-founded the MMS Institute in 2000. Michael is a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) administrator. He coaches individuals on their profile type that indicates their work preferences, behaviors and communications style, The MBTI tool is and “added value” when Coach Michael assists executives in finding their purpose, passion and power.  As a coach trainer, he trains coaches to be inside out authentic. When coaching his clients, he is actually managing the gap between the present and the future. Coach Michalel coaches clients in family relations, life balance, discovering their passion and wellness, and is an Executive Producer of the coaching movie “The LEAP”.  Michael is an instrument-rated single engine Pilot and an advanced open water scuba driver.

Csaba Csényi, ACC, MBA

Csaba graduated from MMS Institute World-Wide-CHN (Amsterdam, Budapest) and became an ACC certified executive and business coach in 2017. His specialty areas are sales and business development coaching coach. With an MBA in Marketing, with his partner, he started his sales and representation company and developed it into a group of companies covering 14 countes with offices in 5 cities in Europe. He understands the challenges of cross-border expansion and operation, was well as cross-cultural management. As a strategy consultant and executive coach, he is a trusted partner to CEOs, busenss leaders and their teams in unblocking personal and operational obstacles to growth, managing change and M&As. In his free time, he loves sailing and travelling. He relates the global message of Dubai to the core purpose of coaching: “you dream it, you do it.”