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The “traditional” workshop syllabus – remixed.

Inner Negotiation Workshop

Are you ready for change and you do not have the courage and the commitment to take action? The course focuses on understanding and Identifying one’s own strengths and weaknesses and motivation.

Corporate Negaholics

How to deal successfully with negative colleagues, managers and corporations? This seminar provides sound business solutions to help everyday issues in a corporation to work with colleagues and bosses not against them.

If Life is a Game, these are the rules... The 10 rules for being human

This is a template for living a successful life filled with satisfaction and fulfillment both personally and professionally.  “There are no mistakes, only lessons..”

Building a community

An insightful experience about achieving the results you want: how to magnetize people to you and get them aligned with your corporate mission, vision or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiated projects

Corporate programs

Select from the 12 corporate productivity and efficiency increasing programs, which ultimately aim at happiness and work places. Achieve a corporate mindset shift with us in order to ensure that customer happiness moves into your corporate courtyard.

Enroll your young talents into one or more workshops, which aim at giving the participants a tool set and the required skills to apply them properly. Perhaps this what they need to excel as tomorrow’s leader.

Support your long serving executives with mindset shifting messages delivered in the powerful MMS way to ensure that they meet tomorrow’s challenges, they become capable of winning in the turbulent market conditions and discover how to support others in the organization to grow.

Employee Owned Change™

Purpose: build a cohesive team so that co-workers work together in a spirit of cooperation, collaboration, co-creation, and ownership.

Process facilitation Program

Purpose: Using the MMS facilitation model, customer service and team-building sessions move individuals and groups to consensus in a supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere.

M&A expert program - the 5Cs

Delicately balance each company’s unique culture, mission, behavioral traits and goals, as well as complex cross-border regulations, financial regulations and corporate policy.

C-Suite Learning and Development

Being flexible, adaptable and curious are important traits to have and maintain. Focusing on Generation Y, we’ll teach you the skills you need to effectively manage your team.

How To Deal With Problems in a Positive Way?

This one day seminar supports people n looking at problems as challenges rather than obstacles and how to solve them with a solution oriented approach.

How to Run Successful meetings?

We will teach planning, purpose and promoting getting things done and being engaging, stimulating and focusing. Meetings become a choice rather than a chore and become efficient and purposeful.

Performance Appraisal

How to develop people through honest and helpful feedback? How ti effectively conduct a performance appraisal o that employees receive a feedback that will empower them in their jobs?

Relationship based feedback

A one day seminar on the magic on relationships and the way to give feedback that comes from the inside out: feelings as opposed to judgements. No more finger pointing blaming and shaming.

The Legendary Customer Service

We will teach you to ask the right questions that originate the intuition and assist people in providing the right answers. Problems will be solved, and people will leave with a sense of breakthrough and the possibilities in getting what they want.

Communicating and conflict resolution

We will teach planning, purpose and promoting getting things done and being engaging, stimulating and focusing. Meetings become a choice rather than a chore and become efficient and purposeful.

Happiness is just around

How to develop people through honest and helpful feedback? How to effectively conduct a performance appraisal  in order to provide employees with feedback that will empower them in their jobs?

Delegating for growth

Learn the art of delegating and empowering one another to own projects with ease, grace and confidence! Recipients will be treated with dignity, respect and the ability to make a choice followed by a commitment.


Dr. Chérie, a powerful story teller, who incorporates high content with fun and humor, embodies the principles, tools, and techniques that inspire individuals to create tangible results. Her case histories, anecdotes and examples of key points come directly from her hands-on support of individuals and organizations in five continents. She embodies what she shares. Her remarkable ability to connect, uplift, and inspire coupled with her extraordinary facilitation skills will touch the heart of every audience member.

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